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Stem Cell Therapy for Cancer in Valley Village, CA

Cancer Stem Cells in Valley Village, CA

It's easy to think of cancer as being one disease, but every instance is incredibly complex. A single cancerous tumor is a complete, three-dimensional entity containing two compartments: the surface and the interior.

Most traditional cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy, solely attack the surface of the tumor. This leaves the self-regenerating cancer stem cells in the interior of the tumor untouched, unscathed and untreated.

Integrative cancer therapy (ICT)  uses comprehensive, customized treatments to attack both the surface of the tumor and the cancer stem cells within. 

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What are Cancer Stem Cells?

Stem cells  are specialized cells that form within the body that can differentiate their function and even self-regenerate. Cancer stem cells apply that same concept to the interior of a cancerous tumor or growth.

Imagine a cancerous tumor as a house in the rain. Despite how hard it rains, water hits only the outside of the building and never the inside. This is the same way the core of a cancerous tumor responds to traditional chemotherapy.

As the chemotherapy medication attacks the tumor, it targets only the outside of the tumor, where the weakest cancer cells reside. The inner-core stem cells are left unscathed. This can lead to these cells regenerating, becoming stronger and eventually resisting chemotherapy altogether.

How are Cancer Stem Cells Treated?

In order to attack cancer stem cells, it's important to consider a different treatment protocol: integrative cancer therapy. Integrative cancer therapy provides a more comprehensive treatment approach in order to target not just the surface-level cancer cells, but the cancer stem cells as well.

Integrative cancer therapy includes:

  • Low-dose metronomic chemotherapy
  • pH manipulation therapy
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  • IV therapy
  • Pharmaceutical drugs (used in an “off-label” fashion”)

By combining those elements in to a protocol personalized for each individual patient, integrative cancer therapy is able to more effectively target treatment-resistant cancer stem cells.

Request ICT Information Today

Understanding cancer stem cells is crucial to treating and destroying them. Integrative cancer therapy is a treatment approach that considers all possible treatment modalities to boost immunity, personalize care and help eliminate cancer stem cells.

Request more information about cancer stem cells and integrative cancer therapy today: call (424) 365-1800 or contact Dr. Jeremy Fischer online.

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