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Vitamin B12 Injections in Newburyport, MA

Vitamin B12 Injections in Newburyport, MA

What is Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 - also called cobalamin - is a nutrient that keeps the body's nerves and blood cells healthy. Vitamin B12 plays a major role in a number of the body's essential functions, including DNA synthesis and the formation of red blood cells.

Water-soluble B vitamin can be found naturally in a variety of foods, including fish, shellfish, meat, eggs and dairy products. B12 also helps our bodies absorb folic acid, which facilitates the release of energy.

What is a B12 Deficiency?

B12 deficiency is the result of the depleted storage of vitamin B12 within the body. B12 is an important vitamin because it aids in the production of red blood cells. B12 deficiencies can result in anemia, which is  a condition that develops when a person has a lower-than-normal number of red blood cells. Anemia - as well as other health issues associated with B12 deficiency - can be easily treated with injections of the vitamin.

Long-term complications caused by vitamin deficiencies are slow to progress, and symptoms may take several years to develop. If it's left untreated, B12 deficiency can result in irreparable damage to nerve cells and cause the following symptoms:

  • Tingling and numbness in the extremities
  • Weak muscles
  • Mood disturbances
  • Hallucinations
  • Impaired movement

It is important to contact your physician immediately after symptoms of B12 deficiency begin to avoid more serious complications later in life. Studies suggest that nearly 40 percent of people between the ages of 26 and 83 have B12 levels in the low normal range—a range in which many people experience symptoms.

Vitamin B-12 Deficiency Symptoms

B12 is one of eight B vitamins that help the body convert food into energy. Because the main dietary sources of B12 are found in meat, vegetarians, vegans and people with food allergies may have trouble consuming enough of this vital nutrient. A slight, ongoing B12 deficiency can damage the nervous system and cause the following symptoms:

  • Fatigue  or unexplained weakness
  • Chest pain
  • Loss of appetite
  • Shortness of breath
  • Depression
  • Poor memory

Although B12 deficiency isn't a widespread problem in general, it is typically seen in patients who are on extreme diets or have a disease that inhibits the body's ability to absorb B12 from food and beverages.

B12 Shots Newburyport

B12 injections are used to treat and prevent a lack of vitamin B12 in the body. Decreased levels of B12 are thought to be caused by pernicious anemia, infections or medications that decrease the amount of B12 absorbed from food. These shots are prescribed when Newburyport patients exhibit symptoms of fatigue , depression and poor cognitive function.

B12 injections are delivered directly into the bloodstream and typically contain 500 times more vitamin B12 than the recommended daily dose.

The high dosage of B12 introduced into the system is stored in the liver in quantities that can keep the body sustained with the vitamin for several years. The daily recommended intake (DRI) of B12 is between 2 and 3 micrograms per day. For individuals with vitamin B12 deficiencies, the starting dosage is typically 1,000 micrograms. This is given daily for seven days and then once a week for four weeks. After that, most patients will receive a once-monthly B12 injection of 100 to 1,000 mcg for life.

Cost of B12 Shots in Newburyport

Cost of vitamin B12 injections varies from provider to provider. For more information on B12 shots pricing, please call (207) 536-9661 or contact Dr. Johanna Mauss online.

Newburyport Vitamin B12 Injections

Request more information about B12 injections today. Call (207) 536-9661 or contact Dr. Johanna Mauss online.

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