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Compounding Pharmacy in Hillsborough County, FL

Compounding Pharmacy in Hillsborough County, FL

Imagine receiving medication that was created specifically for your needs. That's possible with a compounding pharmacy. A compounding pharmacy is a special type of pharmacy where medications are created to match specific patients. This is different from a traditional pharmacy, where medication is created or ordered in predetermined dosages and contents. Compounding pharmacies provide more personalized care by ensuring each patient receives the exact right medication for his or her health problems.

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How Does a Compounding Pharmacy Work?

Compounding pharmacies create medication specifically for a single patient, rather than using previously mass produced medicine. This allows for more personalized care; just as no two people are alike, their medications should differ as well. There are many reasons why a person may choose to receive medication from a compounding pharmacy.

Benefits of compounding pharmacies include:

  • Customized medication
  • Medication that is easier to take
  • Avoid unwanted additives or allergens in medication
  • Add flavor to medication to improve palatability

Some form of compounding pharmacies have been around as long as medicine itself. Because of this, compounding pharmacies are considered a safe place to receive medication

What Does a Compounding Pharmacy Make?

Compounding pharmacies make nearly every type of medicine, from simple cold medicine to leading-edge treatments. Many different doctors choose to work with compounding pharmacies so they can provide their patients with highly personalized medical care.

Every compounding pharmacy may be different, but some specialty medications that may be provided include:

  • Anti-aging medication
  • Hormonal medication
  • Men's health medication
  • Women's health medication
  • Pediatric medication
  • Pain relief medication
  • Nutraceuticals

The list above represents only the most popular compounding pharmacy options. The possible medications that can be created by a compounding pharmacy are nearly limitless. Many people choose compounding pharmacies because they want to avoid unnecessary additives like gluten, dairy or animal byproducts. Still others enjoy the compounding pharmacy's ability to create palatable flavored medication or change how a medication is administered. To provide an example: a parent may wish to provide their child with a small tablet rather than a large pill, as the child may have difficulty swallowing large medicines.

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A compounding pharmacy can be a trusted partner in receiving personalized medical treatment. By tailoring medication specifically to meet your needs, compounding pharmacies ensure you receive just what you need – and nothing you don't. Request more information now: call (813) 536-3212 or contact Erin Bolton online.

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