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Low-Dose Chemotherapy in Gatlinburg, TN

Low-Dose Chemotherapy in Gatlinburg, TN

Low-dose metronomic chemotherapy is a crucial part of integrative cancer therapy (ICT). This type of chemotherapy focuses on minimizing side effects and targeting cancer cells continuously, rather than all at once.

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What is Low-Dose Chemotherapy?

Low-dose chemotherapy is one of the treatment modalities used as a part of integrative cancer therapy. Low-dose chemotherapy differs from what is used in traditional oncology by its strength and frequency:

  • Traditional chemotherapy strength: Traditional chemotherapy  utilizes the maximum possible dosage of drugs. This leads to many side effects including vomiting, upset stomach, hair loss, appetite loss and generalized pain.
  • Traditional chemotherapy frequency: The amount of drugs utilized in traditional chemotherapy, along with the side effects listed above, means that chemotherapy treatments have to be spaced far apart. This accelerates the growth of chemo resistant cancer cells and is susceptible to new cancer cells forming between treatments.

Low-dose chemo, contrary to traditional treatment:

  • Low-dose chemotherapy strength: The type of chemotherapy used in integrative cancer therapy utilizes the far lower drug strength, thus avoiding or mitigating many of the side effects associated with treatment.
  • Low-dose chemotherapy frequency: The term “metronomic” refers to a metronome-style delivery of chemotherapy treatment. This means the patient is provided with small, consistent doses rather than one large dose at a time.

Low-Dose Chemotherapy Treatment

Low-dose chemotherapy for cancer carries many benefits by reducing the amount of drugs being used at one time while administering them on a consistent basis. These low-dose chemotherapy benefits include:

  • Decreased toxicity
  • Reduced chemo side effects
  • Inhibition of angiogenesis (the development of blood vessels that feed the tumor)
  • Selective elimination of “T-reg cells” that function to suppress the activity of immune cells capable of attacking the tumor
  • Slowed development of chemotherapy-resistant cancer cells

It is important to understand that low-dose chemotherapy is just one of the treatment methods of integrative cancer therapy.

The lower drug dosage means that low-dose metronomic chemotherapy targets the outer rim of the tumor, rather than the interior of the tumor. In order to eradicate the interior as well, low-dose chemo is combined with techniques such as pH manipulation therapy .

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Low-dose chemotherapy provides a different approach to traditional cancer treatment. Request more information today: call (423) 482-8711 or contact Dr. Dalal Akoury online.

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