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Functional Medicine Doctor Danville, IL

Functional Medicine Doctor Danville, IL

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is a medical specialty that is devoted to discovering the underlying causes of chronic medical conditions.

Viewing your body as an integrated system, functional medicine doctors use a systems-oriented approach to patient-centered care.

Medical Conditions Treated by Functional Medicine Doctors in Danville

Functional medicine can be used to treat a wide variety of medical conditions including:

How is Functional Medicine Different from Conventional Medicine?

While conventional medicine focuses on suppressing the symptoms of a medical condition, Functional Medicine discovers and addresses its underlying causes.

Unlike conventional medicine, Functional Medicine addresses the patient as a whole - not as an isolated set of systems and symptoms.

Functional Medicine looks at both external (environmental) and internal (lifestyle) factors to determine the best course of patient care.

Consultation with Functional Medicine Physician in Danville

To request more information or to schedule your consultation with Danville functional medicine specialist, call (217) 207-3030 or contact Zormeier Cosmetic Surgery and Longevity Center online.

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